5 Internals

This section contains information in the internals of Pyret, including its Javascript representations and FFI.

    5.1 Runtime API

      5.1.1 The Pyret Runtime Running Pyret Programs Creating Values Interacting with Objects Assertions Equality FFI Helpers

    5.2 FFI Helpers

      5.2.1 Equality

      5.2.2 Exceptions

      5.2.3 Lists

      5.2.4 Other Data Helpers

    5.3 Running Code (Safely)

      5.3.1 JS Pretending to be Pyret

      5.3.2 Asynchronous JS and Pyret

      5.3.3 Starting a New Pyret Stack Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Execution Result Data Structures

    5.4 Module Representation

      5.4.1 Representation Single Modules JavaScript Interop Example (node) Complete Programs