1 Getting Started

First, the easiest place to run Pyret is https://code.pyret.org, which runs Pyret entirely within your browser.

If you’re interested in a textbook, you can try out Programming and Programming Languages (PAPL), which has all its programs in Pyret.

    1.1 A Tour of Pyret

      1.1.1 Testing and Assertions

      1.1.2 Primitive Values and Operators Numbers

      1.1.3 Booleans

      1.1.4 Strings

      1.1.5 Lists

      1.1.6 Identifiers and Binding Identifiers

      1.1.7 Variables

      1.1.8 Functions

      1.1.9 Data Definitions

      1.1.10 Cases

      1.1.11 Annotations

      1.1.12 Control For loops

      1.1.13 If When blocks

      1.1.14 And more...